I see you Shiver…..

About the Show

The Show

Richard O’Brien is the man behind the music and lyrics for the Rocky Horror Show.  It originally made it’s debut on a London stage in 1973 and has since been performed in countless theaters around the world. The show is a humorous tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the late 1940s through to the early 1970s, and tells the story of a newly engaged couple getting caught in a storm and coming to the home of a mad transvestite scientist unveiling his new creation, a muscle man named Rocky Horror.

 The Production

Take a six person professional pit and seventeen of Asheville’s top stage talents and you’re guaranteed a rockin’ good time!  As producers, Jacob Walas and Lyle Laney have brought the talent together for eight shows over two weekends at the Masonic Temple’s 300 seat theatre in Beautiful downtown Asheville.  The full stage musical will be performed in all it’s cult inspiring glory so get your fishnets and your heels and get ready to sing along…..if you dare!

 The Audience

The show has strong sexually charged themes so a parent or legal guardian should accompany anyone under 18. 

The Participation

Sure, why the heck not?  People know and love the music.  And merchandise will be made available for purchase at the theatre ranging from participation packets to t-shirts.  Beer and wine will also be available for purchase as well as snacks and drinks.